Geneva '08 Preview: Giugiaro-Italdesign releases 3rd teaser image

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Why do the Italians insist on teasing us so with their curves and sensuality? It seems like the design houses got together and decided to torture us for a few weeks leading up to this year's Geneva Motor Show. Pininfarina's been killing us slowly with the agonizing inch-by-inch unveiling of its Sintesi show car, the Bertones are playing cat and mouse about showing up with their BAT 11 concept altogether, even Giugiaro has joined in the fun.

A third image of Italdesign's forthcoming concept car has now surfaced ahead of schedule, giving us another hint at the design house's latest. Sources suggest it could be called the Quaranta ("forty" in Italiano) to commemorate the firm's fortieth anniversary, while the slogan "nature has never been so powerful" adorning the Italdesign-Giugiaro website suggests the concept will feature some sort of conceptual environmentally-friendly powertrain. With one week to go, we'll just have to sit tight and wait for the car's official debut, which is sure to be flanked by more curvaceous Italian models rivaling even their employer's penchant for teasing.

[Source: Giugiaro via Jalopnik]

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