Spy Shots: Bird watchers spot Lotus Eagle in the wild

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The bald eagle has made a comeback, and in some parts of the U.S. can easily be spotted hanging out again in tree tops and going after unsuspecting field mice. The Lotus Eagle, however, has been a tough bird to spot. Spy photographers for KGP Photography, however, have caught this prototype out testing in the snowy wilds of the arctic.

The Eagle is Lotus' upcoming 2+2 sports car slated to go in between the Elise and Esprit revival when it goes on sale in the Spring of 2009. Yes, the Eagle does have a backseat, but Lotus itself admits that it's suitable only for children up to 9 years old. Those kids in the back, however, will have a good time in the Eagle thanks to Lotus' trademark all-aluminum platform, as well as a pair of V6 engines from Toyota that promise power in the range of 200 to 300 horsepower. That should give the Eagle a 0-60 time in the low five-second range, though we're sure it will feel a lot faster. It is a Lotus, after all.

While this Eagle is shrouded to conceal its shape, we can tell despite the muzzle that Lotus' newest addition will be a looker. If you're in the bush with binoculars at the London Motor Show this summer, you'll get to see the Lotus Eagle debut in person for the first time.

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