Polish police give street racing the go-ahead in certain sections of town

It's a well hidden secret here in the States, but in Eastern Europe, Poland is a street racing Mecca. Concrete contests of speed are so prevalent in the land of the prior Pope and origin of the pirogi, that police in Lodz are conceding certain streets to rebellious racers. The goal is to concentrate racing to a speed limit-free zone, with hopes that racing-related accidents will plummet in other areas of town. Both police and the Lodz motor club will supervise the action on closed streets to ensure that complete lawlessness doesn't commence.

It seems everybody wins thanks to this unorthodox solution, with dragsters getting a place to hang and innocent drivers and bystanders having a better chance of not becoming collateral damage, like what happened last week in Maryland. Such a compromise would never happen in the US, however, as police (and insurance companies) would sooner take your license than leave speed limits to the ego of the driver and power of the car.

[Source: Ananova via Jalopnik]

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