In the wee hours of Saturday morning, a crowd estimated at 50 strong gathered along the edge of Route 210 in Accokeek, Maryland to watch an organized though illegal drag race. As racers left the scene going north leaving behind a cloud of smoke, a white Ford Crown Victoria came from the south and drove through the crowd, killing eight and injuring numerous others. Authorities guess that the smoke and darkness concealed the group of people until it was too late for the driver of the Crown Vic, who has so far been charged with nothing (rightfully so), to react. The sedan's driver also escaped serious injury, but the incident proved fatal to the vehicle's passenger, as well as a few spectators, including a 61-year-old father.

Sadly, this horrific crash occurred some 25 miles from Maryland International Raceway, a quarter-mile drag strip. Had the competitors, who are still being sought, rented the track for their battle, all of those involved would have been spared their lives. It is a reminder that the safety measures in place at racing venues are there for everyone's benefit and protection. Public streets simply involve too many variables to control potential accidents.

The grieving families are in our thoughts as they deal with this difficult news. Thanks for the tip Melissa.

[Source: Yahoo News]

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