London Mayor to Porsche: butt out of England's elections, make cleaner cars

The war of words between the Mayor of London and Porsche is heating up. Thanks to Mayor Ken Livingstone (the guy in the black Prius), London's congestion charge will be increased, a move that sparked the threat of a lawsuit and even the creation of a website by automaker Porsche. At a news conference today, Mayor Ken Livingstone said "they [Porsche] should be redoubling efforts to produce less-polluting cars" and notes that Berliners would be annoyed "if a British company tried to intervene in a mayoral election" (remember, Porsche is a German company).
Livingstone is standing for his third term May 1 and, wouldn't you know it, his two opponents don't support the fee increases. Porsche spokesman Andrew Davis says they "are not interested in the election at all -- we're not a political company. ... We are simply fighting on the issue of modifying the congestion charge." I don't know Porsche, this web page and this one look a little political to me.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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