Fo' shame! Best Car envisions a GT-R-based SUV

While an Infiniti-badged GT-R sedan might seem semi-plausible, this rendering from Best Car is about as probable as a mentally balanced child star. A GT-R SUV? Why not? Well, let's start with the ugly factor. The Nissan GT-R isn't the prettiest vehicle on the block to begin with; jack it up, add a couple of extra doors and a misshapen hatch and you've got an amalgamation of design cues that's causing a mild burning sensation in our eyes.

With 480 hp and all-wheel-drive, stranger things have been produced; the Porsche Cayenne Turbo comes to mind, and if this monstrosity ever comes to production, that's likely the benchmark it'll be aiming for.

[Source: Best Car via Auto-Otaku]

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