Race's Pieces: Chocolate Ferrari F2008

When I was a kid, I started collecting model Ferraris. Guests would ask if I built them myself, but I never had the patience – or time – to invest in anything more complicated than taking a die-cast out of its box. This, however, is unfathomable: a full scale replica of the Ferrari F2008 made out of chocolate.

The delicious racing car was built for a Ferrari owners club in Naples, Italy, by Club Pasticceri Italiani. The effort took over a year to complete: the confectioners started melting the chocolate in 2007, and then built a smaller scale model before beginning construction of the full-size version. It took 4,405lbs of Belgian chocolate and over $23,000 to make it. The end result was bigger, more impressive and more colorful than McLaren's chocolate racer, and undoubtedly much tastier than the F1 car made from matchsticks. Tragically and deliciously, however, the chocolate racer was set to be smashed to pieces and eaten by the members of the Ferrari club this past weekend.

[Source: Ananova via World Car Fans]

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