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Mmm...race car

Carbon fiber, aluminum...chocolate? Regrettably, this isn't a new development in F1 construction technology, but a motor racing fan's fantasy: a replica Formula One race car, made entirely of chocolate. Incredibly, it wasn't made as a promotional tool for the Belgian Grand Prix, either. A pastry chef from the town of Ibi in the Spanish province of Alicante created this cocoa concoction as a tribute to national hero Fernando Alonso, whom the locals are likely to submit for canonization if he pulls off a third consecutive driver's title this season.

The chocolate McLaren-Mercedes MP4/22 weighs 120 kilograms and measures 220 centimeters long, yet is still capable of accelerating from your plate to your stomach in less than three seconds flat. Just don't expect to be pulling impressive cornering speeds.

[Source: Motorpasion]

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