VIDEO: Grand Theft Auto IV features Prius look-a-like Dilettante Hybrid (NSFW)

Hybrids have made their way into driving games before; now even violent video games are going green. Sort of. The newest teaser video for the controversial console video game Grand Theft Auto IV is called "Dilettante Hybrid Cars." The fictional hybrid is prominently featured in the TV commercial-like trailer along with the criminal activities that have become standard in the game series. For example, a voiceover says the car is "morally good" as the video shows someone being intentionally run over by one. The hybrids are expensive ($39,999 in game money) but as you can see in the screen grab from the trailer, that won't be a problem for the player.

We first reported on the gangsta set embracing hybrid technology when we told you the Prius was used in a drive-by shooting on Showtime's TV series, Weeds. Has "stopping global warming finally gotten cool," as the GTA IV trailer proclaims? Thanks to Jake for the tip!

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