A while back Sebastian wrote an interesting post about racing. The question is whether racing can be a good thing even for green enthusiasts for the technology benefits gained in the process of beating the vehicles to death, or if the gains are too far outweighed by the harmful by-products of the actual process of racing itself. Well, this is along those same lines, but in reality... well, there is no reality because it's all just a game! But, if you ever wanted to see, hear and experience a Toyota Prius hybrid racing down the track at high speed (relatively, at least), then watch the video above. Unless someone out there who owns a Prius has some real footage, this may be the best you are ever going to see!

Oh yeah, let's just take this for what it is, so no technical comments on how quickly the batteries would wear out and all that. This is all just for fun, remember, and that is why I like it.

[Source: Youtube and Toyota, thanks for the tip, Linton!]

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