Stars of the movie Jumper caught driving hybrid Lexus

Jumper, the #1 movie last weekend, includes the theft of an AMG-tuned Mercedes-Benz SL (you can watch the trailer after the jump). Samuel L. Jackson's character in the movie asks Hayden Christensen's character if he thought he could get away with it. In real life, though, it seems Hayden may be very considerate of his impact on world.

Christensen has been spotted in a Ferrari 360 Modena, but it turns out the actor might have a little bit of a green streak in him. According to a recent interview with Details, Hayden is planting trees on his farm and last September he was caught driving a hybrid Lexus owned by Rachel Bilson, his Jumper co-star.


[Source: Details via Ecorazzi, Just Jared]

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