ROUSH launching third brand, may tune imports

"We understand in order to continue our sales trend, we need to look beyond Ford." That's the crux of the conversation that took place between InsideLine and John G. Clark, the communications and motorsports manager for Roush Performance Products.
With a record 2007 under its belt, Roush is looking to expand its operations to include foreign brands, develop alternative-energy products and continue to provide the parts and services that have been the mainstay for the U.S.-based aftermarket supplier.

While Clark remained mum on what import brands it would begin to offer parts for, the firm is looking to launch an unnamed third brand that "has nothing to do with Roush." This will initially begin with powertrain parts for both cars and trucks, likely with a focus on performance, but Roush is also launching a propane-powered Ford F150 for fleet use and is developing a small fleet of electric vehicles, along with new products for diesel trucks, which are supposedly in high demand.

As for those shots of the Dodge Challenger outside the Roush plant, Clark said that, "we have no plans to do [the] Camaro, Challenger or Silverado, despite what's on the internet." Pity, considering that the two new pony cars have as much aftermarket potential as the Mustang on which Roush has solidified its street cred.

[Source: InsideLine]

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