Two Challengers seen hanging out at ROUSH

We're not drawing any conclusions, but it looks pretty definite that Roush is branching out beyond tuning Fords exclusively. We just saw their ace work on Chevrolet's Silverado, and now a pair of Challengers have been spotted in the Roush parking lot. It could mean nothing, but let's dream for a minute. How does a Hemi with a ROUSHCharger cramming atmosphere past the intake valves sound? Yeah, we like the sound of that, too. Whether it's nothing, research, or evidence of a future offering from Roush, it's also nice to see a couple of different colors on the Challenger sheetmetal. We'll take the sinister dark one, thanks.

UPDATE: While it's exciting to dream, it turns out that the Roush facility in the picture is Roush Industries, not Roush performance. Roush Industries does contract work for automakers (a good move, as the performance tuner business is fickle, at best), so these Challengers parked outside aren't a surprising development. Thanks to the commenters who set us straight.

[Source: Carscoop]

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