Geneva '08 Preview: Peugeot 308 GT THP 175

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It says a lot about Peugeot that BMW – well known and lauded for its engines – turned to the French automaker to develop and produce the motor for the second-generation MINI. Never to miss an opportunity, Peugeot put the same engine into the 207 GTi, and has now shoehorned it into the 308 to create the new 308 GT THP 175, which parent company PSA will be unveiling in Geneva.

The 1.6-liter turbo four produces 175 horsepower, but Peugeot insists the real kicker is in the torque: 195 lb-ft of it, which gets the hot 308 up to 62mph in a very respectable 8.3 seconds. Even more respectable, however, is the fuel economy of 37.1mpg and low carbon emissions of 180g/km. Naturally, the appearance has been updated to go with the bigger engine, with a new front bumper, rear spoiler and lowered suspension, and a new steering wheel and aluminum shifter and pedals inside. Buyers can choose between manual or automatic transmission, each with six speeds. Although the 308 GT THP 175 will only be offered as a three-door, a detuned five-door will also be offered driving 150 horses through a four-speed auto. What would be even more interesting is if this same engine found its way into the production 308 RC-Z.

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