Black on Track: Gemballa GT 4.0L RS

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Now that's more like it. After the unfortunately-styled Tornado GTR700, we were afraid the Porsche tuners at Gemballa had lost their minds. Fortunately, they were quickly back on their feet and only days later they've given us the new Cayman S-based Gemballa GT 4.0L RS.

The business end of Gemballa's Cayman boosts engine capacity from 3.4- to 4.0-liters, and although Gemballa haven't released official output numbers, that's sure to give the Cayman a serious kick in the ass. Gemballa weren't about to go sleeper on us, so they've fitted a full new aero kit, 20-inch multispoke racing rims, a whole mess of silver carbon fiber bits and a custom two-tone leather and Alcantara cockpit, plus a new exhaust and adjustable sport suspension. For the tamer crowd, Gemballa also offers the more sedate GT package that stops short of boring out the engine and features a more reserved body kit – that is, in relation to the bonkers GT 4.0L RS.

We hope Gemballa will hit us with some stats soon, but in the meantime you can enjoy the images in the gallery below.

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[Source: Gemballa]

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