Gemballa Tornado GTR700 Cayenne: What were they thinking?

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Okay, guys. This isn't funny anymore. We all get that the Porsche Cayenne, though it has its talents, is no prize pig down at the beauty pageant. But this is just mean. Like a caricature of the Cayenne itself, we can applaud the go but shudder at sight of the show. Under the hood, Gemballa has primped and preened the twin-turbo V8 to produce somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 horsepower. It will also offer a 2WD conversion – that's got to be a first – to go with the severely dropped ride height and beefed-up suspension.

The mad-science plastic surgery is another story, however, as Gemballa opens up the Cayenne's mouth, adds a carbon-fiber hood insert, cuts open a whole mess of new vents, throws on some Ferrari-esque tail-lights and a set of roof-mounted brake lights to boot. Inside they've added fully-adjustable racing buckets front and back, separated by a strange-looking full-length center console. Maybe Gemballa was trying to prove a point when it decided to mix styling cues from the Carrera GT with its ugly step-sister the Cayenne. Whatever it is, we don't get it.

[Source: Gemballa via Winding Road]

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