Peak oil is just one of five things to keep you up tonight

It's not uncommon for us to do a little bit of forward thinking and try to predict how gas prices will rise or fall in the near future. We've thought about how a successful Tata Nano could raise prices for everyone and wondered - with 72 percent of Americans - just what we'll do if $4 gallons of gas make their arrival this summer. There's even a game based on the idea that we're running out of gas over at World Without Oil (current price there is $5.59/gallon). The bigger picture, though, is the concept of peak oil, a situation that a lot of smart people think we're already in.
Our friends at Green Daily are taking a look at the end of oil as part of their "End of the World Files." Most entertaining line: peak oil "could have Mad Max-like implications for industrial society." We can put a few numbers on this by looking at Autoblog, which talks about an Energy Watch Group study that finds that in 2030, oil companies will be producing half as much oil as they do today. For their part, the oil companies say we can keep pumping as much as we are today for the next 42 years or so.

If the oil crunch isn't enough to worry you, Green Daily also has End of the World files on climate change, pandemics, rocks from space and the singularity. Good times?

[Source: Green Daily]

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