Meet the MarySlim, a Very Slender Vessel

We do not claim to be experts on ship design, but we do know that reducing the drag of a boat in the water has a positive impact on its fuel economy and performance. With this knowledge, its easy to like a design like this one from Multimarine, which uses a very thin and long composite hull to reduce the ship's fuel consumption. The ship pictured here is powered by a Caterpillar V12 engine running on biodiesel which provides power to a Rolls Royce water jet, making this a huge jet ski of sorts. Interestingly, the MarySlim is also equipped to harness the power of the wind using a kite or a sail. Besides the positive environmental impact of reducing the amount of diesel fuel burned by the vessel, it is also coated with a novel material which promises to lessen the machine's impact on the environment through the elimination of chemicals to remove barnacles and algae. This is one impressive Very Slender Vessel!

[Source: Gizmag]

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