Carlos Ghosn goes to Russia, returns with a new AvtoVaz

Relentless deal maker Carlos Ghosn has never stopped looking for any partnership that would give Renault a plum position in a profitable market. Already close to a Nissan deal with Chrysler working on Renault and Nissan deals in the Middle East, his latest paramour is in Russia. Ghosn has secured himself and four Renault managers seats on the board of AvtoVaz -- the company which, as you're all aware, is more popularly known for the name of its signature vehicle: the Lada.
Ghosn's idea is that Russia will be the hottest thing going in two years, so he needs to book his place now. Renault will take a 25-percent stake in AvtoVaz, and the board members from Renault will be focused on technology and cost-cutting issues. AvtoVaz will still be led by its Russian majority shareholders -- one of which is the State -- but will benefit from the expertise of one of the most efficient men in the business. To boot, they are also in talks with Renault about assembling Logans and Meganes. Who knows -- if Russia really does become that important and AvtoVaz proves itself with the hatchbacks, perhaps it'll get a shot at a Lada GT-R?

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. Req.]

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