Tata already planning 2nd-gen Nano for Europe

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Tata's cut-price Nano budget car isn't even on the market, and already the Indian automaker is planning its successor. In an interview with German magazine Focus, Tata's Girish Wagh revealed that the second-generation Nano will be developed in four years from now and designed for an assault on the European market.

In order to market in Europe, the next Nano will need to comply with the stringent Euro 5 emissions and safety standards, and Tata will target three liters per 100km, down from the current Nano's already tiny-sipping 5L/km. Before the next Nano is ready for the European market, Tata will focus on its domestic market for two-three years, after which it will look at expanding into Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. As we reported earlier, Tata plans to avail itself of Fiat's dealer network in exchange for Jaguar-derived platforms for the upcoming Alfa Romeo 169 sedan.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. Req.]

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