Subaru's Senior suggests STI Junior

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Subaru has gained itself quite a cult following with performance Imprezas. Based on its victories in the World Rally Championship, the WRX and STi versions of the Impreza have been a big hit with the gonzo street-racer crowd. With the introduction of the latest STi, Subaru left a gaping hole between the mighty fast 224-hp WRX ($24,350) and the super-fast 305-hp WRX STi ($34,995). Since more customers will want to upgrade from the WRX than can afford the $10k+ leap to the STi, Subaru is reportedly considering slotting a new model in between the two, which could come in a little under $30k and offer about 265 horses under hood.

The report comes from our friends down under at, who were speaking with Nick Senior of Subaru Australia. According to Senior, parent company Fuji Heavy Industries "has a fair bit on its plate" at the moment, alluding to the reported upcoming Celica which Subaru is developing with partner Toyota, so we shouldn't expect a mid-level WRX anytime soon, but it is on Subaru's radar screen for the future. Senior also said we can expect Subaru to churn out some special-editions, like a stripped-out STi track car, so stay tuned.


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