Geneva '08 Preview: Pininfarina Sintesi sprinkles hydrogen fuel cells all around

It seems like just a week ago that we were last contemplating the possibility of an all-electric powertrain that would move the Pininfarina Sintesi when it's unveiled in Geneva next month (oh wait, it was a week ago). Now we know, courtesy of Pininfarina itself, that it will be an electric-hydrogen hybrid system and not a typical one at that (not all concept cars need to generate 700 hp the way the Sintesi apparently does UPDATE: the actual number is 240 hp, Nuvera Fuel Cells has told ABG). The unique design places little fuel cells throughout the vehicle - now that ridiculously long cab we can see in the sketch makes more sense. According to Autoblog, Pininfarina is releasing information week-by-week as we build up to the Geneva show, so we'll have to wait another few days for more tidbits.
[Source: Pininfarina via Autoblog]

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