HUMMER H2 Hybrid? Not likely anytime soon, but FFV and diesels are coming

We had a post up here recently about the possibility of a GM producing a HUMMER H2 using the Two-Mode hybrid system that they are putting into many of their full-size trucks. The idea was that the the H2 is based off the same platform as the Chevy Tahoe/GMC Yukon which are now available with the hybrid powertrain. Unfortunately this isn't entirely accurate. The H2 was derived from the GMT800 platform which formed the basis of the previous generation of GM full-sized trucks. The current trucks which are being hybridized are on the new GMT900 platform which has many under-the-skin differences including mechanical and electrical upgrades. As a relatively low volume vehicle, the H2 doesn't seem set to get a full-on redesign anytime soon and adapting the two-mode system to the H2 platform is not currently part of the plan. What the H2 will be getting in the next couple of model years is a flex-fuel version of the 6.2L V-8 as well as GM's new 4.5L diesel V-8. HUMMER officials have made it clear that by 2010 all of their vehicles will be capable of running on biofuels, but no hybrid activity appears to be going on within the brand at this time.

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