GM could very easily make a two-mode hybrid H2

Paris Hilton just might get her wish for a hybrid Hummer. The H2 is based on the same platform as the Yukon and Tahoe, which are both hybrids now. It's really not a problem at all for GM to release a two-mode hybrid H2 to the market. The work on the platform is already finished and it's just a decision by the corporate heads right now.
GM could easily turn lots of its other brands into hybrids as well. For example, the Aura is a hybrid and it shares the same platform with the Cadillac BLS and Pontiac G6. GM probably won't flood the market with hybrids that look exactly the same. They are launching the Buick LaCrosse hybrid in China this August at the Olympics. So that's very likely coming to America soon.

Recently, I told you about a rumor of a hybrid GMC Acadia and Saturn Outlook. For now, GM is denying these rumors. GM has said they would offer 8 hybrids by the end of 2008. By my count, they still have a few to go. If it's the Buick LaCrosse, the H2, Lambda platform vehicle or a totally new hybrid only brand, we will tell you about it.

What GM brands would you like to see hybridized?

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