Who says fuel cell cars are years away? Okay, everyone. But fuel cells toy cars are here today! Recently, we told you about the toy maker Corgi making a new fuel cell toy car designed by the legendary Luigi Colani. Now, we have a picture of the car, H2Go, thanks to Toyology. There are several fuel cell toy cars currently on the market and even a remote control toy. The best looking is the H-Racer but it's not remote control. The remote control H-Cell costs $1,500 and is really a "Hobby Integration Kit."

Unveiled at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair in Germany, the H2Go has a cool design, remote control and costs just £130 ($256 US dollars). Corgin's CEO Michael Cookson says "This marks a new chapter in the global toy market. ... The H2GO is not only a fascinating miniature-scale, real-working fuel cell powered radio controlled toy that can be refuelled using plain water, but marks a change in how the toy industry will need to transform and adapt to a clean energy future." Who needs batteries when you got water and sun light?

[Source: Toyology]

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