A-ha, now we're talking. If you're in the market for a 1/16-scale hydrogen fuel cell car (and didn't see anything you liked in our Top 10 list of green toy cars), take a look at what Corgi's offering. The UK toy company told Marketing Week it has "beaten Detroit to the punch" and will offer a fuel cell car that runs on water for sale. What makes this one special (since there are other such toy cars avaialbe, e.g., the H-Racer and Hydrocar) is that it was designed by Luigi Colani, best known for wearing a lot of white and designing concept vehicles for companies like BMW, Mercedes and Corvetter. This RC car will be unveiled in early February at the Toy Fair Nürnberg. The fuel cells are provided by Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, a Singapore-based company.

[Source: Marketing News via Winding Road]

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