India gets its first hydrogen filling station

Only a year and a half after it was scheduled to open, the first hydrogen-dispensing station in India should be up and running this fall. The hydrogen will be supplied by Eden Energy Ltd, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Hythane Company LLC. The station will be located in "the heart of Delhi at one of India's busiest natural gas fuelling stations," according to Gasworld. Alongside the hydrogen, Eden Energy will sell Hythane, that patented blend of hydrogen and natural gas.
There's a big push in India to move a lot of vehicles (at least 20 percent is the official goal) to hydrogen or hydrogen-based fuels by 2020. As we said earlier today, the more gasoline vehicles there are in India, the less fuel there is for the rest of the world. Moving a million or more vehicles in India from hydrocarbons to hydrogen eases the oil crunch for others. Is this a good thing?

[Source: Gasworld]

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