Brock Yates now writes for TTAC, this time rants on traffic

Love him or hate him, Brock Yates always has something to say. When he was fired from Car and Driver (seemingly because they could no longer afford his services), there were both tears of joy and of misery. As far as we're concerned, reading Brock's opinions has little bearing on our own, so we don't mind him at all. Interestingly, Brock chose to cover the issue of traffic for his first posting over at The Truth About Cars. What are the solutions to traffic woes, according to Brock Yates? None (yet). Deal with it. He calls mass transit a pipe dream and shrugs off the bicycle. Walking? Not mentioned specifically, but we guess the answer would be negative. So, we are stuck with the car and all of the emissions that goes along with it. Although his post is ostensibly about congestion, he does note the fact that the traffic causes other problems related to oil usage and pollution.

Brock touches on potential solutions to oil usage and emissions when he says, "the same basic old world engineering sits under the slick bodywork. It's like the weather; everyone complains, but no one does anything about it." The solutions are simple in concept, but quite difficult in practice. Will the Tesla ignite the electric car market? Will the Volt usher in an era of extended-range electrics? Will the Smart start a micro-car war with corresponding micro-emissions? Maybe the answer is that ever higher gas prices will mean that the answer to all three of the above questions is affirmative.

[Source: Brock Yates / TTAC]

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