Rumormill: Redesigned Acura RL coming to Chicago Auto Show

Our friends over at the Temple of VTEC got a hold of a communiqué from Acura regarding the automaker's plans for the 2009 TSX and RL. While it doesn't divulge the rumored drivetrain upgrades, both vehicles are apparently going to receiving several enhancements inside, including the AcuraLink Satellite Communication System and a premium sound upgrade on the TSX, while the RL will get an improved HVAC system and a few other bells and whistles.

TOV's forum members have been posting about the '09 RL's future, specifically a 300+ hp, 3.7-liter V6 and a revamped SH-AWD system that will shovel more torque to the rear wheels. The body of the RL will supposedly undergo a massive refresh, with only two body panels carried over from the outgoing model, along with a new interior that boasts more room. We know that changes are coming to the TSX, which, in addition to some new sheet metal, is likely to include some new drivetrains, with the possibility of a V6-powered variant with SH-AWD being considered.

Thanks for the tip, Jay!

[Source: TOV]

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