Five young men killed when BMW flies off runway

At about 3 AM early this morning, five young men were killed when the gray 2008 BMW they were riding in flew off the end of a runway's 85-foot embankment near Ocala, FL. The accident happend on the runway of the exclusive "fly-in" community of Jumbolair Aviation Estates, where John Travolta happens to live.

Police say the guys were apparently racing the unidentified (and from the photos online, unidentifiable) BMW, but don't know if another car was involved. Skid marks at the end of the runway indicate the driver attempted to stop, but was going too fast. The car sailed 200 feet before hitting a tree, breaking into pieces and catching fire. Authorities say the engine was actually ripped from the car in the crash.

No matter the circumstances, our thoughts are with the families as they go through this horrible tragedy.

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