NY 2008 Preview: Production Pontiac ST pickup to appear

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Our friends over at Pickuptruck.com have learned that Pontiac will debut a production-ready ST pickup at this year's New York Auto Show in late March. The Pontiac ST pickup is based on the Holden VE Ute that recently debuted in Australia, and since development of the vehicle consists mainly of grafting the Pontiac G8 front clip onto the Holden VE Ute, the business case for the vehicle is a no-brainer. What did stand between the Pontiac ST pickup and production was the U.S. exchange rate between the Australian and U.S. dollar, but apparently the difference isn't as bad as once thought and the price of the ST won't be out of reach for its target market. Pickuptruck.com also learned that, despite previous reports to the contrary, the Pontiac ST will be offered with a 256-HP V6, as well as a 361-HP V8. The reason is because plans for a Pontiac G8 Sportwagon that would have been powered by a V6 have been cancelled, so the Pontiac needs to offer both a V6 and a V8 for the ST pickup to balance out the effect it has on GM's CAFE rating.

Don't all these unibody pickups in GM's product plans get you thinking? If we were to consult some tea leaves, we might draw the conclusion that GM is considering transforming its small pickups into an all-unibody lineup. It's pure speculation on our part, but to debut two unibody trucks in one auto show season makes us go hmmm...

[Source: Pickuptruck.com]

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