Firefly's Oasis Group 31 batteries getting some EV fans excited

One of Firefly's newest batteries, called the Oasis Group 31, is on target for a summer release date. These batteries were unveiled in October, and AutoblogGreen reader Sean says that he's been paying attention this deep-discharge battery and that, " All of us with EVs are quite interested as these promise to double the range, quadruple the life, and weigh a bit less to boot!" Don't worry, Sean's quite aware that there's a real good chance that the Oasis Group 31 batteries will bring with them a substantial price increase, but when is that not the case when we're talking about new high-power vehicle batteries?
Firefly has named the foam technology inside the batteries Microcellâ„¢, and says they are:

changing the rules of the road [...] Compared to lead plates - one of the main components of most conventional truck batteries – patented Microcell technology delivers longer service life, increased energy efficiency and better performance under extreme conditions. [...] Oasis' unique design resists sulfation and corrosion (two of the primary causes of failure in lead-acid batteries), while dramatically increasing the surface area within the battery, resulting in greater energy capacity, faster recharges, and deeper discharge capability...

Looks like we only have a half year or so to see for ourselves.

[Source: Firefly h/t to Sean]

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