Tesla Roadster to begin production on March 17th

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Earlier today we reported that Tesla Motors appears to have discovered a solution for the transmission troubles that have delayed production of the Roadster so far. The California-based all-electric automaker has now confirmed to Inside Line that it will begin production of its first batch of roadsters on March 17, though they'll be fitted with temporary two-speed single-speed transmissions and retrofitted later with what the company calls DriveTrain 1.5. Production of the EV Roadster, however, will take a while to gear up: initially the company will build just one vehicle per week, getting into the full swing of 40 cars per week by the end of the year.

Observers also recently noticed a banner reading "Coming Spring 2008" that was hanging in front of Tesla's dealership in Los Angeles has disappeared. With Tesla Motors being so much in the spotlight, some speculated that the Roadsters arrival had been delayed again. The company's spokesman, Joe Powers, has revealed that the banner merely blew off and hasn't been re-hung yet. It just goes to show how interested and impatient people are for the Tesla Roadster to finally arrive.

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[Source: Inside Line]

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