Tesla Stores to combine "an Apple store, a Starbucks, and a good restaurant"

Brother blog AutoblogGreen just relayed a tidbit about Tesla Motors new dealership strategy that's set to be the most significant change in the way we buy cars since Saturn arrived on the scene. Tesla Chairman Elon Musk posted a new entry on the company blog explaining the new Tesla Stores in detail. He describes them as a place that "combines the feel of an Apple store, a Starbucks, and a good restaurant." He goes on to say that he envisions Tesla ownership as a type of club membership that offers access to VIP lounges around the world, just like airline frequent flier programs. Sounds good to us, but where are the cars? Taking the restaurant analogy a step further, he wants technicians to be accessible, just like chefs at finer dining establishments with nothing to hide, welcoming the attention and the chance to share the process with their clients.
The theory grew out of frustrations with existing dealership practices. As previously reported, Tesla Stores will be company-owned, unlike typical franchise dealerships. They're also planning on bringing the service area right up front. Another dealer oddity is the fact that employees will also be shareholders. It's an interesting plan that typically gives workers more incentive to perform. You can read the rest of Elon's blog post by clicking here.

[Source: Tesla Motors via AutoblogGreen]

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