Corvette C7 in holding pattern due to CAFE regs

The Impala isn't the only RWD car stuck in limbo while GM waits for the fog of new CAFE standards to lift: Motor Trend reports that now the C7 Corvette program has been put on hold, as well. We reported yesterday that the next generation C7 Corvette will bow out of the horsepower brinkmanship game and instead shed weight, engine displacement and ponies. The interim issue is that GM doesn't know what its EPA gas mileage targets are during the run-up to the 35 mpg fleet average in 2020, and those won't be sorted out until 2009. Until they are, GM is content to wait to sort out the next 'Vette, including whether or not it will retain its traditional layout, switch to a mid-engine layout or be offered as both. As a Vette owner and fan, this blogger is not against high-horse performance, but the idea of a light(er) C7 that focuses on power-to-weight and is "more fuel efficient [and] even nimbler than it was before" is an exceedingly tasty proposition.

[Source: Motor Trend]

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