Cold Reception: Art students to place Chevy Nova in an ice cube

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If you've ever lived in a cold climate, you might know the displeasure of having to scrape ice off your windshield and out of the keyhole to get to work. It's one thing when Mother Nature is the culprit, but it's quite another to deep freeze your wheels on purpose. But that's exactly what a couple of artists are planning to do in Michigan.

Sue Wrbican of George Madison University and Mary Carothers of the University of Louisville are preparing to display a circa-1970's Chevy Nova in a giant block of ice, which they'll display in front of the library at the Houghton campus of Michigan Tech. They've even enrolled the support of some teenagers from Hancock High School, who are using their shop class to craft the frame for the ice block into which the car will be placed before the water will be poured in. That ought to be enough to get the Nova onto Top Gear's "Cool Wall", if not right into the Sub-Zero section.

[Source: Detroit News Autos Insider]

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