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A Chevy-badged Corolla, built in the factory Tesla now calls home.

The NUMMI plant in Fremont (now home to Tesla) built plenty of AE82 Corolla Sprinters with Chevrolet Nova badging. Here's one that we spotted in a San Francisco Bay Area wrecking yard.


The top-of-the-line Nova for 1977, now retiring after 39 years.

General Motors built the Nova Concours for car shoppers who didn't want to spring for a Caprice but still wanted plasticky opulence in their compact.


Those of you foolish enough to follow the Autoblog Podcast know I have a soft spot for sleepers. There's just something amazing about a beaten old car secreting flawless mechanicals down below. The guys at Big Muscle have managed to track down what may very well be the queen of all sleeperdom in Dru Diesner's 1972 Chevrolet Nova The machine wears its original faded green paint, plenty of dents and dings and a very dated interior, but there's something special under the aged skin. Built with a tw

Larry Larson and his six-second street-driven Nova – Click above to watch videos after the jump

As part of its "New GM"/"Old GM" bankruptcy proceedings, General Motors has announced that it will abandon its ownership stake in the New United Motor Manufacturing Incorporated (NUMMI) joint venture with Toyota.