Spy Shots: Infiniti FX55 -- think "angry"

These are amateur shots of what is claimed to be the new Infiniti FX55. The front has been given the curvy treatment that is lately a mark of Nissan's design language, with the fenders pulled up like wings over the front wheels. The grill is the same rounded, convex trapezoid found on the G37, but beneath it the bumper juts out like an underbite, all of which is supported by a receding chin. From the side it looks like the car has pulled its hood back to snarl, like a canine.

A sleek, segmented headlight housing wraps around to the sides, almost Ford Verve-like. The profile stays pretty much the same, which is good, since it's one of the rare SUV's that has managed to be sleek and stylish. Out back, it looks like there's a bit more curve added across the rear, and the tail lights get a similar, segmented design treatment.

The "55" moniker could indicate a new 5.5-liter V8, or something completely different and as-yet-unknown. The new FX is rumored to debut at the Geneva Auto Show in a few months.

[Source: Autoweek.nl]

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