Get 'em while can: $13.95 die-cast Chevy Volts

Stop reading this and go buy the 1:32 scale die-cast model of the Chevy Volt. BBurago is only making 7,500 of the promotional replicas commissioned by GM. My guess is these puppies are going to sell out pretty fast. I might order some myself just to be the first on block with the Chevy Volt.
What's the Chevy Volt, you might say, and why I am so excited about it? The Volt is GM's range extended electric vehicle that is expected to go on sale 2010. The Volt is an exciting program at GM and they are trying things they have never done before. The design will actually change slightly, so this die-cast will probably be a real collector's item some day.

[Source: Chevy Mall via]

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