By the numbers: Smart preorder breakdown

Here is some more good news for all of the Smart early-adopters in the U.S. out there: as ABG reader Randy told us the other day, your cars are starting to be delivered. According to a blog post over at The Detroit News, one of their own traffic consultants has received word that his red convertible model is off the boat and in the States. Speaking of convertibles, I was not too surprised to find out that up to 35 percent of all Smart cars preordered were Passion Cabriolet models. I was a bit more surprised when I read that the vast majority of the rest were the pricier Passion Coupe versions with only four percent of them being the base Pure model. After thinking about it and reviewing the pricing structure, I was a bit less shocked, considering how much more the driver gets for the additional two grand, including a sunroof, air conditioning and AM\FM stereo with CD player. Again, I was not surprised to read that blue and red are competing to be the numero uno color choice. Any more readers out there want to share their Smart preorder information?

[Source: Detroit News, Smart Cars USA]

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