All you folks out there who plunked down $99 for a diminutive Smart ForTwo over the past year, might just want to keep a close eye on your mailbox in the coming days and weeks. We just got word from reader Randy in Oklahoma City the he got a notice from Smart USA that his ForTwo will be delivered within the next 30 days. According to Randy, Oklahoma City is a prime example of urban sprawl and the Smart seems to be a perfect solution to his commuting needs. The car's small, maneuverable size and high mileage motivated the purchase. Randy and his wife ordered the car on the first day the reservation program opened up last year. They ordered the white Passion Cabrio model with the heated leather seats and other options. The $17,440 price tag isn't cheap but Randy and his wife did drive the car during the summer Road Show and decided it would be an ideal commuter. Randy has promised to update us on their experience with the car.

[Source: Randy in Oklahoma City]

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