Audi has no plans for U.S. factory yet

In 2007, Mercedes sold 253,433 cars, while BMW shifted 293,795. Both of those marques have factories in the U.S., and VW, which has a plant in Puebla, Mexico and is looking for a factory site in America -- sold 230,572 cars. Audi, that darling of the subtle set, sold just 93,506 cars in the U.S. and doesn't feel that's enough cars to warrant building a Stateside factory.
Audi's head of U.S. sales, Johan de Nysschen, said that the home of the four rings needs to move at least 150,000 cars here before they'll consider a U.S. plant. The company wants to achieve U.S. sales of 200,000 by 2018 and is committing €11.8 billion -- that's right, euros -- to increase its range from 22 vehicles to 40 by 2015. That sounds like a lot of money and a lot of models to double sales, but Audi knows its business. The model growth and makeovers continue this year with the A5 coupe and new A4, with the Q5 SUV following in early '09.

[Source: Auto News, sub req'd]

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