Spanish postal service to start local delivery with EVs

The Spanish Postal Service (Correos) has started a pilot plan to use EVs to deliver post in old historical city centers. Until now, the company used Vespas and human power (see picture). Now Correos is buying five electric vans and nine electric scooters (our source didn't mention which models).

Correos also said that in the near future, its plans on substituting most of its diesel-powered vans with electric units for local delivery. La Poste, the French Postal Service, has had experiences with converted Citro├źn Berlingos which were somewhat satisfactory and is planning to go ahead with even more.

Correos also announced that since 2006 all new purchased trucks fall under the Euro IV pollution norms (the Euro rules are usually one step behind passenger cars).

[Source: Agencia EFE via Soitu]

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