TNT courier company buys two Smith EV trucks for Rotterdam delivery

Two commercial EVs will start rolling in Rotterdam (Netherlands) shortly. Ivo Opstelten, the mayor of the city and president of the City's Climate Initiative, and Peter Baker, president of courier company TNT, have introduced two electric freight vans from Smith Electric Vehicles. The two vans are the first left-hand drive vans Smith EV have ever produced and the first on the Continent.

The two models are the Smith Edison EV (which is based on the Ford Transit van) 3.5 tons and the Smith Newton 9 tons truck. The first is capable of a top speed of up to 50mph, a payload of up to 1338kg (about 3000 lb) and a range on one battery charge of up to 150 miles from its 90 kW (120 HP) motor. The latter is based on an AVIA D-Line regular truck ( the base wss not specified but it looks to me like a Mitsubishi Canter ), and the specs are quite interesting: 130 miles of range and a payload of 3,400 kg (about 7500 pounds) obtained from a 120 kW (160 HP) electric motor and Zebra Z5 Sodium Nickel Chloride cells. It can be charged either at a regular house electric mains or an industrial 415V three phase.

The two vehicles will contribute to the city plans on reducing a 50 percent of CO2 emissions compared to 1990 levels.


[Thanks to David for the tip - Link is in dutch]

[Edited: Thanks to Mark for the tip on the company name and to Andy for helping me identifying the base truck]

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