USPS hybrid delivery vehicle being tested in Boston

The United State Postal Service announced yesterday that they would be testing an electric hybrid delivery vehicle in the Boston area. The van was converted by Azure Dynamics Incorporated, Boston.

The USPS uses about 125 million gallons of motor fuel a year, Vice President of Engineering Walter O'Torney said at the announcement ceremony. If the hybrid van gets the expected 30 to 50 percent better fuel efficiency and the USPS adds them to their fleet of 200,000 vehicles, the overall decrease in fuel use will be quite great. The USPS already operates about 30,000 alternative fuel vehicles, including CNG, propane, ethanol, biodiesel and electric vehicles. The USPS logo on the Boston hybrid van has been updated to read "We Deliver Clean Air For You." Nice.

[Source: USPS via Green Car Congress]

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