Lincoln returning to RWD, too

Not that they ever left, but Lincoln's not going to pull what Cadillac tried in the '90s, switching its entire lineup to FF chassis. Derrick Kuzak, Ford's Lutz, has intimated to Car & Driver that rear wheel drive remains part of Lincoln's plans, and that there's a new FR car under development. While the big news at Lincoln lately is the MKS, that car's fan base will likely not know what stringbacks are.

Last year's hotness, the MKR, was based on modified Mustang underpinnings, so perhaps that's what's coming. Or, Ford could be looking at the new global RWD platform that's being developed in Australia, though that seems unlikely. It would be expensive to build a car in Oz and shipping would add another layer of expense, too. The MKS is a good start for Ford's plan of more Lincoln sales volume. It's nice looking, the EcoBoost motor will shove you back into the seat, and even the unboosted 3.5 is a great match for the chassis. For all that, the MKS probably won't have what it takes to sway drivers with enthusiast desires, but such a car could definitely slot nicely in the lineup.

Thanks for the tip, Zac!

[Source: Car & Driver]

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