EPA head takes our advice, skips meeting with Sen. Boxer

Recently, I told you that California Senator Barbara Boxer invited EPA head Stephen Johnson to a field meeting today, January 10th. I joked then "If I were Steve, I would try to catch the flu before January 10 or settle on some other reason not to go." Well, Stephen must read AutoblogGreen because he did not show up today. Barbara did leave a chair empty just in case. Barbara also put out an empty box labeled "EPA Documents" because Stephen did not send the documents she asked for either.
What do you think readers? Was it Sen. Boxer's fault for not RSVP'ing when Stephen might have caught the flu? Or maybe Stephen was picking up another award today like he is in the picture on the right from the auto industry? All joking aside, do you think this was a failure of our checks and balances system or do you feel the field meeting would have been all-for-show anyway?

[Source: Senate.gov]

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