Sen. Boxer invites EPA head to testify January 10

Senator Barbara Boxer has invited EPA head Stephen Johnson to a field briefing in California January 10. Barbara wants to talk to Steve about his decision to deny California's waiver request to regulate tailpipe emissions and she invited a few other people as well, including:
  • Edmund G. Brown Jr., Attorney General of California
  • Mary Nichols, Chairman of the California Air Resources Board
  • Fran Pavley, Senior Advisor, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Carl Pope, Executive Director, Sierra Club
I don't see anyone from the auto industry on that participant list, like the ones beside a smiling Steve in that picture, so I would assume the mood might be a tad hostile. Also Boxer says, "It is crucial that this waiver decision be overturned. I will be taking many steps to make the record that denying the waiver was irresponsible, both on legal grounds and on scientific grounds. This briefing will be an important step in making that record."

If I were Steve, I would try to catch the flu before January 10 or settle on some other reason not to go. I'm guessing the hearing will not be a lot of fun for him.


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