Ford has been named by radio station DogCatRadio as the "Pet Friendliest Automaker" in town, a distinction that it earned for a lineup of safe vehicles that are spacious, fuel efficient, affordable and have plenty of "creature comforts"... buh-dump ching. The Ford Taurus X, in particular, was singled out as being the best transporter. We're not really sure what makes a car "pet friendly", as many attributes cited of the Taurus X are also offered by its competitors. And while Ford does have more five-star crash test ratings than any other brand, do the passive and active safety features on its vehicles take into account those that take a shower with their tongues and greet strangers with a friendly butt sniff? We don't know about you, but we've never seen a Dachshund crash test dummy used by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Nevertheless, this radio station based in L.A. thinks that Fords are the pet friendliest, and as a reward we'll feed it some human tonight during dinner.



Ford Motor Co. Named 'Pet Friendliest Automaker'

DETROIT, Jan. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Ford Motor Company has been named "Pet Friendliest Automaker" for 2008 by the popular pet company for its wide range of models that offer safety, comfort and easy entry access for pets.

DogCat Radio, a national radio station that caters exclusively to pet lovers throughout America, reviewed models from various automakers with certain factors in mind including spaciousness, safety, fuel economy, affordability and last but not least creature comforts.

"The vehicle that stood out hands down was Ford's Taurus X," says Adrian Martinez, CEO at
Ford's Taurus X is an all wheel drive, 6-7 passenger, 263 HP V6 crossover with an automatic transmission and comes equipped with advance electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes, dual-stage front airbags, seat-deployed side airbags for the driver and front passenger, plus side curtain airbags - a total of six airbags.
"We feel the Taurus X is the perfect family size vehicle -- not too big, not too small. It handles well, has plenty of power, great visibility all around and offers four-legged passengers as well as their humans a comfortable ride. Of course, the foremost issues are always safety and value," added Martinez.

Ford vehicles have received more five-star crash test ratings than any other brand in America.

According to the American Pet Products Manufacturer Association (APPMA), Americans spent over $40 billion on their pets in 2007.

"Pet lovers tend to spend more than the average consumer, and that includes on the cars they drive," says Kathryn Segura, movie industry animal trainer. "As more and more families, single people and celebrities shop with their pets in mind, companies are changing the way they market their products."

DogCat Radio, which broadcasts from its headquarters in Los Angeles, features music, news and reviews.
The station will list its top five pet-friendly vehicles for 2008 on its website January 30th. has been recognized as America's radio station for both pet lovers and their pets. The station was honored by PETA with the "Wave of the Future" award and received a proclamation by the city of Los Angeles. In 2005, DogCat Radio validated America's affection for pets by becoming the New York Times most emailed news story. The station was recently featured in Auto Exec Magazine for its reviews on pet-friendly vehicles.

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