The late night talk shows are back! David Letterman has a beard and recently had Bill Maher as a guest. At about 7 minutes into the interview above, Bill and Dave talk about the Iowa primary and ethanol. Bill says the candidates pay "homage" to ethanol because it's made from corn and Iowa has corn. However, Bill thinks ethanol is a "boondoggle" and won't help with global warming. Then Bill pushes science forward with this funny exchange:

Bill: If the first primary was in Vermont, we'd be trying to run our cars on maple syrup. I promise you.
Dave: Now, would that work? That's not a bad idea. You are a genius my friend.

I can't wait for maple syrup cars. The highways would smell so good. To be fair, pancake sales might be hurt as the price of syrup skyrockets.

[Source: YouTube]

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